“Idea”, it is the link in innovation that connects the past, present, and future. I love innovation and new technology, better ways to get things done, and the prospect of greater things to come. It brings out inspiration and gets thoughts flowing through your mind on how and what you can improve. I am sure just as I have we all have said “Why cant I think of that to get rich”. Well, that’s the problem, the rich part that is. Most great ideas and breakthroughs come through hard work and hoping it becomes great but typically the dollars isn’t the motivator, the problem being solved is the motivation. I myself have ideas for books, businesses, and have had a couple of product ideas that I know this world can’t live without. I wish to share those in open forum, mainly because I haven’t got the time to pursue them all. I think my ideas could maybe spark an entrepreneur to reach deep inside his gut and say “OK, This idea can work, let’s get this start-up rolling”.


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