The idea behind this blog is to share, be a resource, and provide insight and reviews on a multitude of topics. I would love for this to be highly used and have multiple authors so we can create a base of knowledge and links. A source of information. I love learning and gaining new knowledge and want to share many of the things I learn. I research thoroughly so when I share a link to a topic I am currently interested in you can be sure it is what I feel is the most relevant and useful knowledge base. I want to cover faith, family, health, ideas, and personal insight. I really want to build a community of like-minded followers and potential bloggers. I am willing to allow anyone who wants to share any of there insight as well to become a author and friend.

I love feedback and if anyway has any ideas for improvements on any aspects of my blog please don’t hesitate to share.

Chris Huey

Follower,Father,Husband,and Blogger